Trainer or Behaviourist

You may be asking yourself whether you need a trainer or a behaviourist.

It is important to be aware of the differences. Many owners like to give initial training for their dogs as this gives the owner more control over their pet. This is a good thing particularly in regard to the law. It also allows your pet to feel safe and have a good understanding of what is expected of it. Expert trainers can teach an animal new behaviours as well as improve on existing ones.

Training is used a part of a behavioural programme but cannot stand alone in resolving complex behavioural issues. These issue are not about obedience but are of a psychological nature. They would therefore need a qualified behaviourist who is able to develop a behaviour modification programme.

 Behaviourists aim to understand the world from the animal’s point of view. The behaviourist can identify and explain the cause and motivation behind an animal’s behaviour and develop treatment plans that will help the owner and their pet modify its behaviour. A qualified behaviourist must have studied animal ethology, ethics, human and animal psychology, neurophysiology, learning theory, psychopharmacology, training, welfare and current legal issues and have been taught to apply this knowledge in helping to resolve problematic behaviour – they find and treat the root cause of the problem, not just the symptom

Services Offered

I only employ fear-free training methodology in all that I do. Rest assured I will care for your pet as of they were my own!


I can help your dog overcome their aggressive behaviour and bring peace back to your home

Puppy Training

Ensuring puppies are trained properly  at a young is critical to their future behaviour

General Training

I can help your dog do what you are asking them to by learning to follow basic commands

Other Problems

I can help you, no matter what the issue you are experiencing with your dog or cat

Cat Behaviour

I can help your cat overcome common feline issues that may be disruptive to you and your family’s life

Behaviour and training consultant

I am a qualified animal behaviourist and trainer and can help no matter the issue.

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