Puppy Training

So much fun to have a new puppy until!!

  • Is going to the toilet in the house    
  • Is chewing clothes and even furniture
  • Is biting and nipping during play. Nips at my feet
  • Wants my attention a lot of  the time
  • Is unsettled at night and whines
  • It doesn’t want to be left alone

It is always a challenge taking on a new puppy but is even more of an issue now, given the rise in dog/puppy ownership in recent months. There are many reasons for this but as people return to work their lives become busier and there maybe less time to concentrate on your new arrival. However early and good training is essential as trying to get rid of unwanted behaviour at a later stage becomes very difficult.  If the owner can set the puppy up with essential skills at a young age then this will very likely bode well later in life.

One to one puppy training in your own home

While it is very useful for you and your puppy to attend some training classes where your puppy can be with others. It is also worth remembering that one to one training from me can be hugely beneficial to both you and your puppy because you will be getting my full attention. Something that you are unlikely to get in a busy puppy class

What can you and your puppy learn?

  • Basic every day skills such as sit, wait, and come
  • Walking nicely on the lead.
  • Basic manners such as sit, down, come and walking nicely on the  lead
  • Good house manners like go to your bed
  • What your puppy can or cannot chew
  • How to encourage your puppy to stop nipping or biting
  • Learn to have some time out and relax
  • Learn to be calm when alone

Training never stops

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About your trainer

As a qualified dog behaviourist I have many skills that I have learnt over the years, and have also seen many dogs. A good deal that have had a poor start in life, and therefore develop behaviour problems. I cannot emphasize enough just how important it is to start training your puppy early! Working with, and training puppies is a strong passion of mine, especially when I see transformations from unruly to calm, thoughtful and well mannered. More importantly your puppy will be less likely to develop behaviour problems later on.


I can be contacted by phone or email during our time together and always available to give you the support that you need for now and the future. I would ask that you practise anything that you learn during sessions at other times as well. The more you do this, the more likely you will create a thinking dog, making your lives so much more enjoyable. Isn’t that what we all want?

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