Cat Behaviour

Feline behavioural problems

Cat behaviour changes are often due to changes in the environment. In their natural environment cats are found in groups which live in territories and will roam over large areas to hunt and search for an appropriate mate.

Cats have become more domesticated over the years with many living in urban areas. Unfortunately the demands of modern life have led to the cat’s inability to cope and many feline behavioural problems are linked to this. In the city, where most of the UK feline population lives, cats have very little roaming space and often have to cross over territory belonging to other cats. This can lead to high levels of tension amongst cats in a neighbourhood and sometimes result in a variety of behavioural problems.

Cat behaviour changes, what do we mean?

Unfortunately, as a prey species cats have developed ways of hiding any weakness. Cats may show very little sign that they are upset and the signs they do show are commonly misinterpreted as a cat ‘being a cat’ or as bad or ‘naughty’ behaviour rather than a cry for help.

What might you see?

  • Urine spraying
  • Vertical scratch marking
  • Hiding away or refusing to interact
  • Over grooming
  • Tension or multi-cat conflict
  • Excessive meowing
  • Peeing and defecating in the house
  • Bite and scratch

There are some behaviours that can also be associated with medical conditions. Again I would ask owners to get their pet checked by their veterinary surgeon prior to a consultation to rule out or treat any pre-existing medical conditions.

If there are any medical issues and your pet receives treatment, the problem may disappear though there still might be a need to use a behaviour modification programme alongside treatment. 

Once you have called me for a FREE chat, I can get an idea of your problem

I will visit you and all of your family, as well as your cat in your home. The time spent there with you will allow me to get a good understanding of the problem. You will also be given some written information that will help you get started

  • Begin by calling me for a FREE chat so I can get an idea of your problem and I can tell you how I can help you
  • If you decide to go ahead we arrange a date for our first session which will be over zoom. I then send you an invoice via square online with a questionnaire and details of how to get a vet referral – this gives me the opportunity to get a full understanding of the problem and learn ‘what makes your cat tick’. I will also leave you with written advice to get you going.
  • After the zoom call we arrange an in person visit where I come to your home to meet you, your family and your cat – this allows me to demonstrate the techniques and put the plan into action.
  • You receive a comprehensive written programme detailing why your cat behaves the way he does and what we can do about it including detailed written handouts of all appropriate training protocols
  • Over and above this I will be available through email, phone and video conferencing to support you throughout the process

We will work together for 4 weeks (or more if needed) on our consultation package which is £300. Every cat is an individual, as is every owner.  Every programme is bespoke and created just for you. Because the plans are unique, the fee structure for my work will vary. After our initial free chat I will be able to let you know what the additional fees will be for your specific case if you require or want ongoing sessions or advice.

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