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Fear-Free Behaviour Modification & Training For Cats and Dogs

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I can help to resolve behaviour problems with both dogs and cats in Kent and the surrounding area

It can be the most enjoyable and rewarding experience when we decide to have a dog or cat join us in our home. However, if things go wrong it can cause so much distress and can also be incredibly frustrating when you find yourself in a situation where you are unable to resolve problems with your pet. Dog training and behaviour modification or cat behaviour modification can help and make a difference and improve the situation


I can help your dog overcome their aggressive behaviour and bring peace back to your home

Puppy Training

Ensuring puppies are trained properly at a young age is critical to their future behaviour

General Training

I can help your dog do what you are asking them to by learning to follow basic cues

Other Problems

I can help you, no matter what the issue you are experiencing with your dog or cat

Cat Behaviour

I can help your cat overcome common feline issues that may be disruptive to you and your family’s life

Behaviour and training consultant

I am a qualified animal behaviourist and trainer and can help no matter the issue.

Behaviour Programmes

I Can Help Improve Your Pet's Behaviour & Your Quality of Life!

I always use effective, fear-free methods to help your dog or cat improve upon their behaviour. When your pet is displaying aggressive or problem behaviours generally, it can make you feel out of control. Don’t despair I can help! 

Located In Kent
Training Remotely Worldwide

With the use of everyday technology, I can help train your pet no matter where you are located in the world. Contact me to learn more

How I can help

We all want to be able to have a good a relationship with our pets, giving the best possible care and attention where possible. Unfortunately, some animals develop behaviour problems that can be very difficult to cope and live with. This situation can cause many problems for owners because they will often put up with the problem or seek euthanasia as a last resort, totally unaware that the problem could possibly be resolved or managed more effectively by a behavioural counsellor.
The counsellor will aim to determine the source of the problem and more importantly help the owner understand what is going on. Through thorough investigation, the counsellor can design a step by step treatment programme that will help guide the owner into resolving behaviour issues and restoring a harmonious relationship.

Does Your Dog:

  • Show aggression to other dogs or people?   

  • Pull on the lead?

  • Fail to come when called? 

  • Chase cats, cyclists, squirrels, people or other dogs?

  • Destroys things in the home?

  • Jump up?   

  • Bark excessively?     

  • Dig holes or destroys the garden?   

  • Fear the vets 

  • Or shows a different behaviour from the ones listed above

Does Your Cat:

  • Eliminate or scent mark in the house?

  • Not use the litter tray at all?

  • Scratches and damages furniture?

  • Show aggression to other  cats and animals?

  • Seems anxious -excessive meowing?

  • Show aggression to people?

  • Eating or chewing strange objects -loo roll, wool etc?

  • Over groom, biting

  • Or shows a different behaviour from the ones listed above?

Puppy Training

Getting a new puppy is exciting, but a lot of work! Proper training from a young age is best for dogs.

Behaviour Training

if you are seeing problem behaviour in your pet, I can help you regain control and improve your relationship with your pet!

Aggression Training

A dog or cat displaying aggressive behaviour can cause you an enormous amount of stress. I can help restore peace in your home

General Education

Have questions about your dog or cat, or how to properly care for a pet? Contact me for help!


What Clients Say

I work tirelessly to ensure all clients are satisfied with their pet's training results. I can provide references as needed!

I would definitely recommend Ashley’s services. She is kind, caring and professional. A detailed fact find on your dog’s history, health, diet is completed on first visit. I had one to one training for my reactive girl who had been the victim of 3 loose dog attacks at the tender age of 6 months. She was pretty messed up but with Ashley’s help she made great progress with boosting her confidence and giving me the tools to use when out walking her. Not only did it help my dog but also my own confidence which when you have a reactive dog can cause a lot of anxiety for owners too.

Tamara Collins

I was introduced to Ashley about three years ago. I initially asked her to do some basic training with my new puppy, Bert. After around six months of his arrival he started to develop some behaviour problems and was becoming increasingly aggressive towards other dogs. Ashley was able to identify the causes and put a plan together to help both Bert and myself. We are really pleased with his progress and moreover have a better understanding of dog behaviour. Thank you

Lucy Linden- Blythe

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